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Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Blurb
Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work –  Book Blurb

Sandra Bellamy, aka Quirky Books, is known online as Quirky. Sandra started blogging on her quirkybooks.wordpress.com over 4 years ago, to talk about her huge passion, that is writing, to improve her writing skills, find her writer’s voice; and help other writer’s with writing help, hints and tips. Although she started out, initially with this is mind, she always had the intention of writing and publishing her own Quirky Books at a later date, hence why she chose the name Quirky Books.

Sandra has a hugely creative and talented mind. She is able to see where she wants to be in her career in future years, using writing as a spring board to help others, that in turn helps her to live her dream life as a writer.

Sandra has a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained through both her personal and professional life, which she believes other people will benefit from knowing. She wants to help others, by writing non fiction, Quirky ‘How to’ Books. Her non-fiction, ‘How-to’ – Quirky Books, will be available in the future on both Amazon and her own e-Book store quirkybooks.net that is currently under construction. They will also be featured on quirky-books.co.uk and quirky-books.com.

Areas of book categories will include:

  • Redundancy and getting back into work
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Asexuality

Her first book – Break through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How to’ guide – will be available to buy soon on Amazon. The book blurb above, shows you it’s contents, and will help to propel any jobseeker forward towards more happiness and the job of their dreams. Sandra has been made redundant twice and used to recruit as part of her management roles for seven years. Sandra feels because she has both perspectives, she is in a good position to help others to motivate and rejuvenate, back into work.

Quirky Books
Quirky Books

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